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Jim and Jan Kapitan’s daughter Jennifer became a diabetic at age three and had to attend diabetes classes in Minneapolis. The family was sent there at the advice of Dr. George Johnson of Fargo. He and Jim discussed the fact that Minneapolis is pretty far to go and expensive to stay for a week in a hotel to attend these classes. Dr. Johnson conceived the idea of starting a Diabetes Education Center in Fargo and Jim went to work raising the money. This school was growing by leaps and bounds, offering classes in all phases of the arts to young people not only from Fargo and Moorhead but also from all over the Dakotas and Minnesota. As the school grew, so did its needs for dance floors, shelters, stages and other items.

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It appears that the spelling of the last name may be incorrect and should be Ekstrom, without the c. He was born on September 30, 1896 at Valley Springs, South Dakota. He enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard on July 5, 1917 at Harvey, North Dakota. He was called onto active service on July 15, 1917 and served overseas from February 10, 1918 until his death from wounds received in action on July 30, 1918. Sveum served the Department of North Dakota, as eastern region department vice-commander and also as commander of the Tenth District. In 1974 Sveum was elected department sergeant-at-arms, a position he held for 12 years. His hometown at the time of entry into the service was Rutland, North Dakota.


The Post reorganized as the Memorial Post 271 in Mandaree, North Dakota and received its second national organizational charter on December 9, 1965. Later the Post amended their charter to reflect the Myron B. Johnson Post 271 designation. When finally completed, including a new heating system, a meeting room and a bar with lounge were welcomed new clubroom facilities in the Legion home. In 1973, another addition was made to the Legion complex. The hall is used free of charge for meetings by the city, township, firemen, community club and school events. The hall is also used for elections, birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries and lunches after funerals. Anxious to further their rank as a Legion post, the Almont veterans started work almost immediately on a community hall.

Our members raise money with weekly bingo and building rentals to support our Legion programs such as Memorial Day, youth programs and other activities. Lawrence Larsen served the greatest number of terms as post commander; Marcellus Erickson served the greatest number of terms as post adjutant. The first life membership given by the Kindred post was presented to Carl Owen in December 1967 in honor of his long and active service. The Fred A. May Post 105 received its national organizational charter November 26, 1919. On September 20, 1924 the Post’s Legion Hall had a fire that resulted in $40,000 in damages. On October 6, 1924 it contacted Department Headquarters to request replacement supplies and a duplicate copy of their Permanent Charter. As a young Post, Post 105 had challenges remitting their memberships in accordance with Department Headquarters’ time schedule. Letters dated March 12, 1924, January 26, 1926, March 12, 1926, and May 3, 1927 show the Post had not remitted any membership dues to Department for the current membership year. In 1926, the Post had difficulty retaining the minimum 15 members to continue the Post.

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Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command for display in Galesburg. In addition to sponsoring and donating to projects in the community, the post has regularly sent delegates to Boys State and to the Oratorical Contest. Bender—This could be either one or both, Aaron C. Bender or Ralph R. Bender, both of whom were born in Berlin, North Dakota and died in service. Aaron C. Bender was born at Berlin, North Dakota on December 11, 1917. He served Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota in the European-African-Middle East theatres and died on January 5, 1945 in Oberrsch, Germany. Ralph R. Bender was born at Berlin, North Dakota on September 19, 1922. He served in the European-African-Middle East theatres and was killed in action on March 3, 1944 at Wesernunde, Germany. The unit donated money to needy folks in the area and veterans in hospitals. The ladies helped the men sell poppies and had a Memorial Day program.

  • His remains were returned in August 1921 to Oakes for interment.
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  • The Post reorganized and was issued a second national charter on September 24, 1946.
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Rueben White, Gunder Tollefson, Harry S. Johnson, Roy Lundby, Norris Erickson, Marvin K. Hoff and Marvin T. Skabo. Local meetings were held mostly at the call of the commander. During the 1930s, the meetings became more irregular as there were fewer veterans living in the area. On January 29, 1946, 13 members from WW I and 64 new members from WW II got together and set the first Tuesday of each month as the regular meeting date. The color guard has participated in parades in Wildrose over the years, as well as county fairs, Legion conventions and anniversary celebrations in neighboring towns. In the 1980s, members of the post purchased American Legion jackets with the post name, which have been used as our uniforms together with belts, gloves and helmet liners. An important activity of the color guard and rifle squad is providing military honors at funerals of our comrades. Because the large number of veterans who joined The American Legion after World War II are getting older, funerals have been happening more often in recent years. The post has raised funds through the years to finance Legion, Babe Ruth and Pee Wee baseball as well as to give support to many other youth activities. Each year since 1948 the post has sponsored boys to North Dakota Boys State, usually sending two boys.

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John Reger was born in Lexington, Minnesota on July 14, 1894. He was inducted at Fargo, North Dakota on March 28, 1918. His remains were returned to the United States on July 25, 1921 and he was buried at the Catholic Cemetery in Page, North Dakota. Christ Sortland was born at Bremnes, Norway on February 14, 1894. He was inducted at Crosby, North Dakota on March 29, 1918. He served overseas from May 3, 1918 until he was killed in action on October 1, 1918.

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Loans and donations from members and concerned citizens were helpful in financing the building. Post 135 Commander Lowell Peterson presented each honoree with a desk size U.S. Flag with emblem and engraved plate attached, for the post. Mickels responded by expressing his personal appreciation for the recognition, and Nygard’s sons conveyed their gratitude on behalf of their father.

In 1971, a new post home was built, made possible by a bequest that Elmer Gronvold made in his will. A plaque was erected in front of the building in his memory. John M. Larson was born in Houston, Minnesota on July 26, 1893. He was inducted at Lakota, North Dakota on March 28, 1918 and served overseas from May 3, 1918 until he was killed in action on October 1, 1918. Clifford, F.C. Werner, John F. Kepler; E.A. Lewis, Dewey S. Goodman, E.D. Hays, Charles Mahin, O. E. Halsne, C.R. Hendrickson, Gyles E. Markham, John L. Webb, John Niess and A. Other early members included Adolph Anderson, W.E. Blackmore, Lynn H. DeVore, E.F. Kessler, Elinor W. Murdock, Harold Nimon, Archie Renville, and Arthur E. Thompson. After World War I, a group of veterans felt the need for an American Legion post in the Dawson area. Therefore, in April 1924, a group met and organized the John Green Post 231.

Post 297 Harwood Nd

Featured attractions included a football game and automobile, motorcycle and bicycle racing. More than 150 veterans and their guests were present at the Armory for a free banquet and dance that evening. A second meeting of the post on September 10, 1919, had 25 new members taken in and the charter ratified. The initial meeting of the “vets” who were desirous of organizing a local post of The American Legion met in the Jamestown Armory June 19, 1919. Florence was 24 years of age at the time of her death, a few days before Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918. As the result of their wartime activities, 296 nurses, Florence being one of them, lost their lives. In 1993 the Grand Forks Post 6 membership voted to change the name to Treumann-Webb-Phelps Post 6. William K Treumann, Frank Webb, and George Phelps Sr. were charter members of post 6 all three were post commanders.

Erected in Riverside Cemetery at Hillsboro where he was buried, the monument was dedicated May 30, 1939. Mathew Brew was born in Dickinson, North Dakota on May 20, 1897. He enlisted in Machine Gun Company, 2nd Infantry, North Dakota National Guard at Dickinson on June 30, 1917 and was called into Federal Service on July 15, 1917. He died on March 1, 1918 of wounds received in action and was buried in France and later interred in Dickinson. A fitting climax to 1972 Memorial Services was the official presentation of a $7,500 Servicemen’s Memorial to the city of Fargo by Gilbert C. Grafton Post 2 of The American Legion. The memorial is illuminated at night and is visible from Interstate 94 that runs along the southern border of Lindenwood Park on Fargo’s south side, where the memorial is located. This park site along the Red River provides spacious picnic areas, athletic fields and playgrounds for the recreational enjoyment of hundreds of residents and visitors weekly during warm weather months.

In 1964, the old show hall was destroyed and a new American Legion post home was built on that site. The structure is 40’x60′ with a 36’x40′ auditorium, a 24’x20′ bar and meeting room, kitchen, two rest rooms and furnace area. In 1984, shelves were installed around the meeting room for a community library. These American Legion facilities are used for numerous community events, such as funerals, receptions, church and Legion suppers, bridal showers, dances, parties, agricultural chemical meetings, etc. When World War II came to a victorious close, large numbers of U.S. military personnel received their honorable discharges and returned home in late 1945 and 1946. By early 1947, an enthusiastic group of 32 veterans at Sarles and its surrounding area decided to organize an American Legion post. They signed the application for a post charter, which was issued at national headquarters on March 5, 1947. In need of a good fundraising project, Streeter’s buffalo supper was started in 1960 by the Streeter Lions Club.

The idea passed that tryout and next was presented to West Acres developer William Schlossman, who also approved the location. Smith and McLaUghlin went to Maris’ home in Gainesville, FL, to inventory items there and to’ determine the space needed. The potential for displaying the memorabilia was mindboggling. Priceless items included the Golden Glove Award in 1960, American League Most Valuable Player awards in 1960 and 1961, and the S.

Post 265 Streeter Nd

Others elected were Mrs. Minnie Slaytor, vice-president; Mrs. Mayme Nesting, secretary, and Mrs. Millie Jeffrey, treasurer. Next it was forwarded to Legion headquarters in New York City for a second endorsement on August 25 by Eric Fisher Wood, secretary of the Legion’s national executive committee. He in turn mailed the approve charter to Fargo to receive a third endorsement by Williams for the state Legion’s organizing committee. The charter was then mailed to Jackson for formal presentation to the newly organized post at Williston—the 37th post to be chartered in North Dakota. Appointed temporary chairman, Jackson set the tone of the meeting by being first to place his name on the original post charter application.

Matthew American Horse was born at Cannonball, North Dakota on September 22, 1923. He is buried at the Episcopal Cemetery near Cannonball, North Dakota. Aloysius J. Streifel was born in Zeeland, North Dakota on March 18, 1925. On April 29, 1969, Post 255 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the period specified in the Annual Post Americanism Report. On April 17, 1968, Post 255 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the period specified in the Annual Post Americanism Report. On February 28, 1963, Post 255 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community. In April 1950, WW II veterans were given an opportunity by the federal government to participate in a farm training program through the Gackle Public Schools District. The Legion Hall basement was the classroom for the Veterans Farm Training School until the program ended in 1954. On April 2, 1975, Post 248 was the recipient of the Annual Americanism Citation for worthwhile and outstanding service to its community during the period specified in the Annual Post Americanism Report.

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